6 weeks, 9 weeks, 12 weeks

Motivation/Vision [45-75 min]

Students love having Coach B’s enthusiasm along with the excitement of mind-blowing engagement and interaction the entire time.  You can rest assured that Coach B will motivate the entire building as well. He involves the kids in the learning so they can think about what it means to re-form, re-focus, re-think, re-start and re-build.

Coach Boyd provides 6-week, 9-week,and 12-week programs which are designed to address character development and student’s overall  knowledge about the transition from youth to manhood.  The programs will feature an improved understanding of what it means to be a man, responsibility and accountability, and how hard work can help lead to a successful future. Each lesson is designed around a central topic of interest (i.e. drugs, sexual relationships, money, racism and discrimination, sports, music, etc.). Lessons will also include a relevant, thought-provoking form of media (television, print news, video, etc.) to be evaluated through large- or small-group discussion, skits, role-playing, spoken word and art.

Potential Discussion Topics:

Perceptions of: Racial Identity, Racism, and Discrimination (police profiling)

Keynote [40 – 70 min]

Students will learn:

  • What is Prejudice?
  • Racism?
  • Why are they a part of society?
  • Where do these elements exist in the world and what can be done to remedy these situations?
  • Does racism still exist?
  • How did it exist in the past?
  • What can you do to help end this vicious cycle?
  • How do you think others view you?
  • Does it matter how others view you?
  • Other people like you?
  • Ethnic stereotypes – why do we condone/applaud some and not others

Sports: The difficulty of making it in the professional sports industry

Keynote [45-75 min]

Students will learn:

  • Success (Failure) Rates
  • Is being a professional athlete really attainable?
  • Perhaps view a scene from the film Hoop Dreams or read modern-day example
  • What role does education play in sports?
  • The importance of books, grades, test scores, etc.
  • Academics as a “back-up” plan or foundation

FACT: There are more black cardiologists than number of black athletes in all major professional sports combined according to US Census (cited in the New York Times)

Possibly solicit a guest speaker who didn’t make it and one who did by going about it in the right way

Safe Choices

Motivation/Vision [35-45 min]

Students will learn:

  • Choosing a Partner
  • Practicing Safe Sex
  • STI Prevention
  • What do you find attractive?
  • What do you look for in a partner?
  • Misconceptions about teen/adolescent sex (is everyone doing it?)
  • Information about numerous STIs (backed by statistics)
  • What can you do to keep safe?

Success vs. Materialism

Motivation/Vision  [45-55 min]

Students will learn:

  • To start, what is happiness and how do you get there?
  • What is success?
  • Who is successful and how do you measure that?
  • What is materialism?
  • Does wanting nice things mean that you are materialistic?
  • How can being obsessively materialistic be detrimental?
  • What is more important in life: getting a lot of stuff or being happy?
  • Can you attain both?
  • If so, does that mean that all wealthy people are happy?
  • “Bling-Bling” mentality. (MTV Cribs, Music, Media)
  • If you had a lot of money, what would you do with it?

Potential Media items to evaluate: episode of MTV Cribs, lavish music video, piece on the money professional athletes spend.

The Future: Education/Occupations

Motivation/Vision [45-75 min]

Students will learn:

  • Why is Middle School Important? High School? College?
  • Can you go to college?
  • Why should you go to college?
  • What opportunities do you have and will you take advantage of them?
  • Why are so few black men in college?
  • How will the lessons learned today help you be successful in the future?
  • Presentation of information about Different Industries (Wall Street, Entertainment, Sports, Politics) à Requirements for each industry.
  • What Necessity of college (and education in general) to achieve this position.

Who Am I?

Motivation/Vision [45-75 min]

Students will learn:

  • Importance of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • How Self-confidence leads to self-expression and self-definition
  • An examination of the various roles we play in our lives and the lives of others.