Private Workshop or Breakout Session [30-90 min]

Private workshop process puts you and your team in the driver’s seat. Enjoy workshop customization specific to your team or organization. You’ll receive pre-workshop conference calls to ensure the workshop conforms to your needs.

Next, we’ll follow up with your after the workshop so that we can measure its effectiveness. Your goals and needs are our number one priority. Finally, you’ll receive an executive summary of the workshop that’s based on attendee feedback.

What’s the difference between our public and private workshops?

Customization. Whether we’re incorporating relevant case studies in the training or customizing the length of the workshop or even customizing the delivery method—virtual training or in-house—everything is tailored to your team’s needs. Do you need custom facilitator and participant guides? We’ve got you covered.

Contact us now to set up your fully customized private workshop.

We offer the following workshops:

  • A Difference Maker
  • Not to Be a Label
  • Fulfilling Destiny
  • Teamwork
  • 360° Leader
  • The 7 Levels of Leadership
  • Strategies to Win with People