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Our Mission

Develop, empower and impact the lives of youth and adults in order to assist them in reaching their full potential through engaging events, motivational speaking series and empowerment seminars that will ignite their ambitions, goals and dreams so that they may come to fruition.

Vision – Purpose Driven, Promise Driven…

“Your growth determines who you are; who you are determines who you attract; who you attract determines the success of your organization.”

Meet Coach Boyd

Antonio Boyd,
 better known as “Coach B,” is a vibrant and enthusiastic life coach, motivational speaker and student advocate. Coach B was born in New Orleans, Louisiana where his life started with many hardships. He was raised by a single, teenage mother in the “Desire” housing projects, and his father was in and out of the prison system. During this time, he learned the true value of family. Coach B often tells the story of how he was reared by 11 women: his mother, two grandmothers, and eight aunties. These women helped to nurture and guide him to make good decisions in life to avoid the pitfalls of his predecessors and lead a successful life. He also had a handful of teachers and coaches who encouraged and assisted him during his grade school years.

By the age of 12, Coach B’s life took a major turn. He was accepted into De La Salle, an elite private high school, through a football scholarship. This abrupt change in environment completely unlocked his perspective of the opportunities for his life. He excelled in high school – successfully graduating and obtaining a full athletic scholarship to Northwestern State University of Louisiana. He continued to be a leader throughout college: In academics, athletics, community activities, and as an active member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. In 2005, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine/Business. In that same year, Hurricane Katrina caused much devastation in his hometown of New Orleans. He didn’t have many options to return home because of the catastrophe.

The following year he decided to move to the Washington, DC metropolitan area where he served as director of personnel at a non-profit early childhood learning center. Through this experience, Coach B began learning that his true gift involved working with the community at large. He soon began coaching for a local little league football team, and this eventually led into head coaching positions in basketball and softball. In 2011, Coach B geared his focus on the public education school system becoming a student advocate. He also became a major component in revitalizing school spirit, spearheading a young male mentoring program, and helped to lead the Drew Freeman Middle School girls’ basketball team to the county championship.

In that same year, Coach B founded Team Elevation, Inc., a company formulated to empower the community. Team Elevation follows the “Triple M” motto: MeetMentor, and Motivate. The goal is to develop a generation of Difference Makers who will excel in life and take ownership of their communities. If you’ve ever met Coach B, you may have heard him chanting one of his favorite slogans, “Let Me Be Great, Baby!” which can be applied to everything in life.

Coach B has hosted speaking events for the Boys & Girls Club, Hillside Family of Agencies, public school systems, and community colleges. They also provide workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and motivational speaking events. In each session, they provide current and relevant information that will assist in the growth and development of individuals and/or team goals.

With all of these great accomplishments, Coach B continues to expand his horizons as he is currently earning his Master’s in Education Leadership. He is also a great husband and father; happily married for nine years with three beautiful children.

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